Stop overthinking, time is your ally3 min read

06/08/2020 3 min read

Stop overthinking, time is your ally3 min read

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It’s 1:00AM, you would like to sleep but you can’t. Despite having been awake for 18 hours already, your brain doesn’t let you fall into slumber, desperate as it is to find answers. I’ve been there.

Actually, I’m there more frequently than I would like to admit: in an infinite quest for answers, I’m often tricked into believing that I must figure everything out right away. But I don’t and, you neither.

Rome wasn’t built in one day

It will be no surprise to you that some people think more than others. A few thousand years ago, the life of our ancestors depended on how accurately they could anticipate danger, find shelter or food; it was a matter of survival. Yet, even if the comfort of our current world, this natural instinct to anticipate everything hasn’t disappeared. I —and I’m ready to bet that you also if you read this post—, think too much or at least way more than necessary.

Illustrative picture of the Colosseum.
“Rome wasn’t built in one day”
Source: David Kohler / Unsplash

When a new situation arises, I feel like I have to figure everything out right away. What should I do after my studies? How can I find a job to pay them? Am I good enough to be an entrepreneur, a developer, to write a blog or to even be in this world? Many questions I can’t always have answers to, so instead I pay in anxiety. And the bill is often pricey.

When I’m caught overthinking, I try to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in one day and truth is? It didn’t need to. Life is a journey, and everything you create, everything you experience is alive, just like you are.

Just like an author when he creates a character, once in the world, your creations don’t belong to you anymore: their story will uncover to you when the time will be right. No need to plan everything in advance.

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Time is your ally

We often picture time as a foe, something we should beat to get to get to success faster. So we are tempted to sleep less, to spend less time with our loved ones, so convinced as we are that it is the key to happiness. But when it comes to playing hide and seek, time isn’t a novice player. Inevitably, the more you will run after it, the less you will find it.

“Time magnifies the margin between success and failure. It will multiply whatever you feed it. Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy.” — James Clear

Intensity doesn’t matter as much as consistency. If you improve, even by only 1% everyday, you’ll get better than if you solely rely on motivation. Same thing, when it comes to saving money or in any area of life.

Imagine a baby giving up on learning how to walk or talk because he can’t figure out a perfect plan to learn on the first day, it would seem pretty silly, wouldn’t it? Yet in many ways that’s what we do in our daily lives. But, as time will go and as you will experience more things in life, answers will come to you by themselves.

Time magnifies whatever you feed it, so stop overthinking and get into action.

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  1. Marie

    Oh god I feel very very very attacked by this post 😳 I am one of these people overthinking everything as well and wanting to have things done right away, chasing time like there's none anymore and then... well, getting frustrated and more often than not, not getting things done, either. I need to learn to rest and settle down, and to do my best to stop overthinking, YES and just do things, at my own pace, too. I love this, thank you for the reminder! <3

    • Mathieu Céraline

      haha, oups 🤫 i feel very attacked by my own writing as well. hehe, despite writing it, I'm struggling with all of that so much as well... but I'm slowly learning how to live more in the present. The present holds all of the answers, if we are patient enough to look for them and to relinquish the stress for the future. 😇

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