Who am I?

If you and I are to become friends, I guess it’s about time I introduce myself.

Hello there 👋🏾

I’m Mathieu Céraline, a Front-End Developer passionate about beautiful designs, simplicity and accessibility.

I’m currently a Software Engineering Student at Polytechnique Montréal. 🇨🇦

Looking for me ? You’ll usually find me either creating or learning and sharing the insights I find either on my blog, newsletter or podcast.

Do you know Martinique? I grew up there🌴

A couple decades ago, I was born in Martinique, a tiny, yet beautiful and warm French island in the Caribbean.

Then, I traveled to Paris 🇫🇷 where I earned a Digital Marketing and E-Business degree at ECITV Paris.

Beside studying, I love take pictures, design, play chess, read books and sing badly in the shower🚿.