Life is a journey, not a race2 min read

05/02/2020 2 min read

Life is a journey, not a race2 min read

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If you were to die tomorrow, would you say you lived a good life? I’m putting the emphasis here on the word “live”. More often than not (at least in my situation), our lives are an addition of things that happen to us or are forced unto us : we don’t live, we survive. We do all of that in the hope that someday we’ll be free of suffering, free of any external influences. But will we?

Life is a journey, not a race…

If there is something I learned in the last few months is the fact that life is a journey, not a race. Trust me, I tried running, I tried not sleeping and doing my best to keep up with people who run faster than me, hopelessly. I trained for the competition as I was supposed to… only to discover that if I think there is a race, I already lost.

Life is a journey and everyone is on his their own path. There is no comparison possible so, rather than feeling bad for not being as good/fast/smart as the next person, we should think of what we can do to enjoy it better. Think of it as if you were on a cruise. You payed a lot money and waited a long time to get there but it’s finally the D-Day, you’re on the boat! Now, what is better to focus on: how will other people enjoy the view and the buffet, or how you can enjoy them for yourself? 

… So treat it as an adventure !

A few weeks ago, in one of my newsletters, I mentioned how little change in the away we see the world could have a tremendous effect. Sometimes the mere thought of doing something depresses us, because we see it as forced by someone else unto us (school, work, parents). Usually it’s not the actual task that we don’t like but rather the fact that we didn’t have a choice for it. 

And, can we change that? Actually we can, it all depends on the way we choose to see it! Sure, you might want to let it depress you, it’s your right. But you could instead choose to focus on what you can learn and actually have fun with it. Even the most awful situations and subjects have bright side (even learning maths or doing chores), we just have to find them!

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