2020, a year of creativity3 min read

05/01/2020 3 min read

2020, a year of creativity3 min read

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Deep breath, strong smile. 2020, here we are! It’s rather crazy to think that we are starting yet another decade. Where are the flying cars, teleportation, etc? We’ve been expecting those since at least 2010… Anyway! New decade, new year, new beginning: as we slowly settle into this new era, I want to think about and publicly state what will be my priorities for the next 365 days. 

On learning 📖

Here is an extract of my Personal Mission Statement (read my post about it here) that I read out loud every day: 

« Whether from books, people, movies or experiences, I breathe to discover the world. I shall then build my daily life accordingly in order to be constantly surrounded by learning material. »

I want to make 2020 a year dedicated to learning and discovering and it starts with things I can implement in my everyday routine, like : reading self-help books every morning, learning new Spanish vocabulary, etc. 

Here are my 5 learning goals for the year :

  • Continue the quest toward finding myself : prioritizing my health, both mentally and physically, and being less of a mirror for external stress.
  • About tech and professional skills: learn NodeJS and ReactJS
  • Learn Spanish to an intermediate level (being able to speak with a native).
  • Read 33 books and mostly re-read books that have already impacted my life in the past.
  • Oh and seize travel opportunities, at least twice!

On creating ✍️

In 2020, I want to stop waiting around for time to find me and inspiration to strike. I want to try, to experiment, maybe fail but not being afraid to try again. 

Creating regularly on the blog and newsletter

If you are a regular reader this definitely concerns you. This year, I want to make the blog a priority and innovate with what I do and publish. In the upcoming weeks, I will completely rethink the way I publish content, subjects, categories, frequency. Overall I want to document more and let this blog be my experiences diary.

As an example, here is a photo that I have taken, here in Montréal.

I also want to experiment as much as possible, maybe implementing ads, working with partners. This “redesign of my strategy” will be my priority in January and February. In the meantime, as usual you can expect a new post and a newsletter in your inbox every Sunday. 

Launching a product

Honestly, this is more of a dare than anything: this year, I want to create from A to Z and launch a product or service. It can take any form : an app I built, a short book I wrote, a website, merch… literally anything. I want to push myself to do something like that, even with all the craziness of life, school and the rest. In the end it won’t matter if anything one uses it, I just want to enjoy the process. 

On the personal side

Finally, on the personal side I want more than anything to prioritize my health, both physically and mentally. Learn and remember that I’m not late, that I shouldn’t be stressed or disappointed for not knowing everything or having done anything yet. Life is a journey and I don’t want to rush, I want to enjoy it. 

And, in the same line of thoughts, I want to spend more quality time with my friends and family. Enjoy every moment a bit more and be less time in my head. 

Here, I think that’s all for today’s post. But, what about you, I’m rather eager to know what are your goals and resolutions for 2020?

Oh and… Happy New Year !

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