Why you should watch TV Shows about politics 👑

Between political manipulations, lobbies, and duty of responsibility, these TV Shows will show you what really hides behind the scenes of politics.

What is your favorite genre of TV Shows? As far as I'm concerned, even if I like everything, series about power and politics are absolutely my favorites. These shows, which often feature the President of the United States of America, lawyers, kings, or other protagonist roles, allow us to get an idea of what is going on in these high places. Between political manipulations, lobbies, and duty of responsibility, these TV Shows will show you what really hides behind the scenes of power.

Why you should watch TV Shows about Politics?

You might want to watch TV Shows about power for multiple reasons :

  • Because you like to see scenes of influence (Oval Office, Thrones, Congress, White House, etc)
  • Because you like the energy in the dialogues
  • Because you either like history or politics (or both)
  • Because you want to learn how to be a good strategist
  • ... Or perhaps because we would all have preferred that the manipulations and scheming of the system that television shows stay on screen and do not become our reality?

The Crown

Netflix Original Production broadcasted for the first time in October 2016, The Crown is definitely one of my favorite TV Shows.

The Crown traces the political rivalries, intrigues and events that marked the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the second half of the 20th century. Whereas she was 25 years old when The Crown suddenly fell on her head, Elizabeth had to build relations with the legendary Prime Minister Winston Churchill to fulfill her Queen's duty: to ensure the stability of the United Kingdom and all the other kingdoms of the Commonwealth.

In addition to the historical part of the show, I particularly appreciated the quality of the sets, the atmosphere, and especially the quality of the dialogues.

The feeling of strength, energy, and power that emanates from each speech of the acting Queen is impressive. If English is not your mother tongue and you hesitate, I very sincerely advise you to opt for the Original Version 🙌.

Game of Thrones

Whether you watch the show or whether you're still doubting if you should start, you have probably already heard of the most-watched and illegally downloaded TV Show of all time: Game of Thrones. Broadcasted for the first time in April 2011 in HBO, this series inspired by the saga of the same name by Georges R.R MARTIN undeniably met a great success.

In Westeros, all families use tricks, manipulations, and betrayals to gain access to the very coveted Iron Throne. When Robert Baratheon, King of The Seven Kingdoms dies inexplicably, it seems that the hunt for power has just begun ...

Yeah ... nope. Game of Thrones is not my favorite show (at least not the number one), but one thing is sure: I wouldn’t miss an episode for the world.

For now and for some reason, I’m not really tempted by the written (book) version of the saga but, who knows? I might change my mind someday... 😏

House of Cards

Brilliant and manipulative, Congressman Frank Underwood and his wife Claire do not stop on the ladder to gain power. While the President — whom Frank helped to get elected — refuses to appoint him as Vice President, Frank uses everything and everyone in his path to reach the highest level of power and influence.

To tell the truth, I had some difficulties with House of Cards. I started it a few years ago, but it's a bit difficult to really enjoy a show when you despise the main character. As much as I like the universe I can't really go further without actually forcing myself. This feeling has really increased since the rumors about Kevin Spacey sexually touching a young boy. Anyway, if you don't have the same blockage as me and that you like harsh power/manipulation, you should definitely consider watching this series.

Designated Survivor

Currently, one of my favorite TV Show, the first episode of the Designated Survivor was broadcast in September 2016. The show is available on Netflix in France and most countries.

Every year, in January in the United States, the entire Executive (Government) and Legislative (Congress) body is gathered in the Capitole for the "States of the Union" where the President tells the Congress what has been and will be going on with the Country. On this occasion, two people qualified as "Designated Survivor" are chosen randomly to be sidelined. Should anything happen to the Capitol, the first of them would become President of the United States of America. That night, Tom Kirkman, Secretary of State for Housing certainly did not expect to become the most powerful man in the Free World ...

Unlike House of Cards, the Designated Survivor series immediately seduced me, not only by the quality of its production but also by the ideas that are conveyed by the main character, Tom Kirkman.


Created by Shonda RHIMES (creator of Gray's Anatomy and Murder) and launched in 2012, Scandal has also been very successful in its debut.

Olivia Pope is an expert in public relations. She is particularly renowned for her efficiency at "handling things" and managing complicated situations on all levels. Fitzgerald Grant is the President of the United States and Olivia's old friend. As everything seems to be going well, one of Fitz's assistants spins the rumor that they are sleeping together. This is only the beginning of a scandal at the highest level of the State ...

On a personal note, I loved watching this show and I absolutely adored Olivia Pope’s charisma during the first 3 seasons. Then, sadly, the last seasons really disappointed me as everything started to only be about sex, jealousy, and stuff and no longer about politics. But, as for the first seasons, everybody I recommended it to became addicted so if I were you I would definitely give it a try!

Complementary ressources

If you want to dig a bit more around this, here are some TV Shows I would recommend :

  • Reign (about the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotlands)
  • Outlander (adaptation of the best-seller by Diana Gabaldon )
  • Suits (about lawyers lawyering up haha — more seriously)

Want to discover more of the TV Shows I watch? Head over to my TV Time profile!

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