The best time to start creating is today

The best time to start creating was actually yesterday to be honest. But the second best time? It’s today.

The best time to start creating was actually yesterday, to be honest. But the second-best time? It’s today.

I often get really caught up in my own mind, wanting to create content and start millions of other things then completely feel blocked when the time to step into action comes. Why is that? If you are anything like me, here are some of the solutions I found along the way.

First make it functional THEN (and only then) make it pretty

I like perfection. I like to create that « wow » effect whenever people read or watch the content I create. But, as much as I get proud of my Attention to detail, it has actually become my worst enemy when it comes to creating. At least in the beginning.

First, make it functional, then make it pretty.First, make it functional, then make it pretty.

So, I've given myself this very obvious, yet very important, rule: first make it functional, then make it pretty. That way, if I'm writing something new, I will divide my roles: first I'll only and solely focus on writing, whether it's good, bad, and full of mistakes. Then, I'll start the editing process, seeing what I can change, improve or remove.

It is not easy though. It never is. But, it helped me a lot in my creative process. It allowed me to pass through the creative block I so often find myself into (like today before writing this very post). And, it can be applied to many other fields too! Whether you're coding, filming, taking pictures, or creating anything new, your focus should be on creating, not seeking perfection.

Just show up, every day

Once again, it is going to sound rather obvious, but if you plan on changing your life around and be successful, all you have to do is … show up. Yup yup, it’s as simple as that.

Except that… in our daily lives, we tend to make up excuses for ourselves: “I don’t feel like it tonight”, “I’m tired”, “It doesn’t matter if it’s today or tomorrow, after all, does it?”. And don’t deny, I’ve been there too. But what will differentiate you from all of the other persons like you is your … grit: your determination to wake up every day and do the things that matter.

It is probably the one and only area where quantity will surpass quality: it does NOT matter for how long or how hard you work, as long as you show up.

Oh and, last quick tip: Sh*t happens, and, even with your unbreakable determination, some days will come when you just CAN’T show up. It’s okay, it happens to me too. But I keep one rule in mind: _don’t let it happen two days in a row_if you don’t want to break your habit!

Just show up, every day.Just show up, every day.

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