Should you try an e-reader ?

As I learned to love my e-reader in the last 2 years, here is why I think you should make the jump too!

I like reading, quite a lot. If I'm not sure I could ever call myself a "fast reader", I still get to read more than 30 books a year because of one reason : I read a lot and I read very often. I try to sneak reading into every little break or commuting time. Truth be told, I never leave my house without a book ... or a thousand. As I learned to love my e-reader in the last 2 years, here is why I think you should make the jump too!

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” – Lemony Snicket

But I like the feel of paper…

I do too! When I first bought my Kindle two years ago, I thought it was more of a gadget than anything else. I mean, just like most readers — and probably just like you — I enjoy the feeling and especially the smell of phsyical books. It's unlike anything else and nothing could ever replace it. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if one day I learned that books were the enchanted doors to a magical world (I dare you to hold your favorite book in your hand and tell me it's not possible).

Yet, it was never easy for me to get my physical books outside the sacred temple that is my room, for two simple reasons :

  • They are heavy, as hell. I mean ... if you ever tried bringing your favorite George R.R. Martin or Cassandra Clare book to school, you can't deny: culture is anything but a featherweight.
  • I don't like hurting them. Even when I'm really cautious, I always tend to hurt or damage my books. It's always tiny scratch or "reading marks" but it pains me more than I care to admit.

Those are the main reasons I chose to buy a Kindle Oasis, around March 2017.

I wouldn't be surprised if books were the enchanted doors to a magical worldI wouldn't be surprised if books were the enchanted doors to a magical world

My experience with a E-reader (Kindle Oasis)

The very first book I read on my brand new Kindle was one of my absolute favorite to this day : The Baltimore Boys by Joël Dicker. A little over 500 pages for a book I finished in less than 3 days ... which, as you guess, is not my usual reading speed.

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” – J.K. Rowling

As time passed and books were read, I couldn't lie to myself anymore: reading on a e-reader was way more convenient. To this day, I always have it on me, wherever I go. And, if I don't, I still get to read on my phone, my computer or ... pretty much anywhere else.

Reading on my kindle in ParisReading on my kindle in Paris

Why I would recommend buying a e-reader

First I want to state that you don't have to buy anything. If you are fine with your physical books then, that's absolutely great. I believe we should never buy anything we don't want or need only for the fashion of it.

However, if, just like me, you find yourself in these situations :

  • Want to read more but have a hard time getting your books out of the house,
  • Want to read in unfavourable situations where phones are allowed but not books (like a family dinner or a very boring class),
  • Want to stay light to move in / move out more easily,
  • Want to save the planet and kill more trees (a bit harsh but, still true).

My choice went on the Kindle Oasis which is awesome yet, rather expensive. But a lot of other alternatives exist :

I love reading, period.I love reading, period.

My ultimate goal is to buy as little physical books as possible while I'm young and read everything on my e-reader in order to stay light and mobile. But when I will get my own house ... you're not ready!

Disclaimer: The link in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase anything, I will get 8.25% of your purchase price will help support the site…. At no additional cost to you. You don't have to buy anything, but if you do, thank you!

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