How to organize your blog life 📝

With all the day-to-day distractions and obligations, it's not always easy to find the time to blog and build an online community.

Not so long ago, I was looking for ideas on ways to organize and simplify my blog life. As I want to give blogging more and more important in my life, I need to make sure it fits well with all of my other projects and obligations of life. In my researches, I came across quite a lot of methods and resources that have helped me a lot with the blog. and I want to share them with you. Here are my tips and tricks on how to organize your blog life.

Why should you organize your blog life?

Whether you are a new blogger or you are just looking for new ideas and resources to improve your blog life, I believe you came to the right place! Even if it is only a hobby for now and you are mostly looking to enjoy the blogging adventure, finding the right tools and methods will help you keep it steady. That way, you will make sure your blog doesn't impinge on your other projects (or the other way around).

How to organize your blog life?

1) Define your project

If you're a new blogger or struggle to find the perfect niche, it is important to define what you want to do with your blog. Travel blogger? Book blogger? Lifestyle blogger or all of the previous? Your choice.  Defining well your project will help you find the topics of your next articles as well as target the perfect community on Social Media. As obvious as it seems, I suggest you to spend time defining your project and what you want to do, it will save you time in the future!

2) Schedule it

If I could only give you one piece of advice in this whole article, it would be this one. Schedule your blog and social media life.   That's what I have been lacking for most of my blogging life. Building a posting/sharing schedule and sticking to it is what helped me keep on creating content without stressing too much about it. It allows me to visualize what articles I'll have to write and when I will have to do it. Besides, having a well-established schedule helps my readers know when to expect content from me.

3) Use the right tools

iA Writer

Whenever I feel the urge to write anything, even just an introduction or a funny line, iA Writer is the first app I open. Very simplistic, pretty, and useful, it is the perfect app to help me "get in the flow" and cut all distractions to focus on my writing. However, the app costs a bunch of bucks on Apple devices. I bought it at the time it was on sale both on Mac and iPhone and I absolutely do not regret it.

I use it more on my phone to write when I'm in the subway or a waiting line to make progress in some articles but it instantly synchronizes with my computer, so I don't lose one drop of my writing inspiration whenever it comes.


I talked above about how important it is to have a schedule for your blog above.

During my researches to find the perfect planner/timetable to organize my blog posting I came across Zenkit. Allowing me to see my upcoming articles in different forms (List, Kanban, Calendar, and Mindmap), it quickly revealed itself as the perfect tool to skyrocket my productivity. It's free and I highly suggest you start using it now!

How I use ZenkitHow I use Zenkit


If I don't own any picture that perfectly fits the article I'm planning to write,  Unsplash is absolutely my go-to website to find one! They have the most gorgeous pictures for almost every topic you can think of. They all come with a nonexclusive copyright license which means you can use them however you want, for free. Even though credit isn't required, I still do my best to thank the photographs for their amazing work.


Actually, in this particular post, I would like to thank  Andrew Neel for the neat, minimalistic and gorgeous photography I used as cover.


In 2018, it has become hard to run a blog and build a strong community without using Social Media. You need to find your readers whatever Social Media they are on, whenever they use it. And, Buffer is the perfect tool to help you do that. Once my article is finally written and ready to go, I just copy-paste the link, write a short caption according to each platform and click on Schedule. It also allows me to keep my profiles updated with new content of mine all the time.

Wordpress App

I mostly use the Wordpress app to track new stats and new comments on my articles But I rarely — if ever — use it to write or post articles on it because I find it awful.

4) Get rid of that writing block

When you're trying to write on a schedule, things can quickly get tough because you're not always inspired and "in the flow" to write when you have to. How do I know that? If I'm being really honest with you, I actually had one while writing this article. I wanted to make it so perfect that I forgot about my identity. About why and how I write. Don't make the same mistake. Here are some ways to get rid of the writing block:

  • Write every day (or according to your schedule). You won't always feel inspired or find the right words to fill that blank page but, in order to succeed you need to make it a habit of writing, about whatever, whether you feel like it or not. My new goal is to write 300 words a day for an article or a project. Whether I consider it's bullshit or not doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm creating content and I'm improving my writing / fight the block skill.
  • Don't overthink it. Easy to say, right? Yeah, I know. Nevertheless, whenever you're writing, it is important for you to remember that what matters the most about your blog is you and your personality. Your readers want to hear about you more than they want to read that perfect figure of speech at the 20th line of your post. So yeah, give the best of yourself but, please, stop trying to constantly reach for perfection.
  • Get inspired. In order to have things to say and beautiful ways to tell them it is important to stay inspired! So learn and stay immersed in the universe of your blog topic. Visit other blogs, use Pinterest, Instagram, Medium, the nature itself! There are so many ideas waiting for you to discover and explore!

5) Share what you love

Last but certainly not least, you need to do what you love. You don't owe accounts to anyone just yet. So, get rid of these blogging pressures and do what you love! By opening your blog you have decided to start a beautiful adventure. But you are completely free of the path you want to take. If you don't like what you do anymore, change it. Blogging is all about doing what you like and enjoying it.

Go Further

Want to dive further into that subject? Here are some resources that inspired me and that I would definitely suggest you read!

Let's Chat

I hope you liked this article and that some of the resources I named will prove useful. Now, what about you?  What tools or methods do you use to keep your blogging life steady?

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