4 best books I read in 2017

I read some pretty great books last year and it would be a shame not to share the best of them with you.

It’s not too late to talk about 2017, right? I mean I read some pretty great books last year and it would be a shame not to share the best of them with you. Here are my 4 best books discoveries of 2017.

Here are the 4 best books I read in 2017Here are the 4 best books I read in 2017

The Hate U Give BY Angie Thomas

Amazingly written by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give is the strong story of a black girl named Starr who witnessed

the death of her best-friend at the hand of a cop after a pull over. As the story unfolds we become a part of Starr’s dilemma and internal struggle. What she says could destroy her community or worse get her killed. Should she use her voice?

« He’s been a cop for as long as Khalil was alive. And I wonder if, in some sick twist of fate, Khalil was only born for this man to kill. » — Starr Carter

This book made me think about society, about the treatment of black people. It made me think about my own voice and why it matters. It made me aware of all the passive racism around me, how often I let people say stuffs even though I felt embarrassed.

Oh, last thing: the audio version of this book is just amazingly told. With it, you won’t even listen to the story, you’ll be a part of it.

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The Truth about the Harry Québert Affair by Joël Dicker

Originally written by the French (okay, he is Swiss) author Joël Dicker, The Truth about The Harry Québert Affair is an intense thriller that will keep you hooked until the very last page.

When Harry Québert, one of the country's most respected writers in America,  finds himself accused of murdering Nola Kellergan, a 15-year-old girl, with whom he allegedly had an affair, everything stars to fall appart...

« A good book, Marcus, is a book that we regret to have finished. » — Harry Québert (translated from French)

This is probably the first actual book that I read in 2017 and ... talk about standards! He set the bar so high that it was hard not to go into a reading slump. I give you a fair warning: Suspens, twists, manipulation, annoyance, passion, expect everything! As it is the best thriller I read yet, I was particularly glad when I heard it would be turned into a movie!

I don't have a review for The Truth about the Harry Québert Affair on the blog but I have one for the Baltimore Book, also great by the same author.

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Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. Draper

Second interesting book about black people's history in America, I loved reading Stella by Starlight.

This is the story of the Ku Klux Klan's unwelcome reappearance in a segregated southern town where Stella, her parents and brother live. From Stella's young and some kind of naive point a view, we discover how racism ans sense of superiority divided people for generations...

« It made me feel good to see somebody finally stand up against a man like that,” she finished up. “Well, actually, we sat down, but it worked! » — Stella

Other than the obvious reason, I liked this book because it talked  writing. Stella share with the readers her frustration with writing : "I'm not even sure why I keep writing. Maybe I should just stick to reading". Since I'm struggling with the same thing (as I'm sure most writers do), I can relate! It makes you understand that a writer is, before anything else, the one that loves to write and is ready to fight for it.

L'Alliance des Trois by Maxime Chattam

I was so glad to discover this saga. Put together by the wonderful French author Maxime Chatham, the saga « Autre-Monde » (« Other World ») is a vast and complex 7-books universe.

As Matt Carter — the main character of the story — wakes up one day to a world that had completely changed where adults either disappeared or were changed into monsters, he and all the other children left have to learn how to survive in a new world. But when dogs are as high as horses and nature as concentrated all of the impurities and artificial creations of the old society, it is not an easy task.

« Because we were not yet corrupted by civilisation  It's up to us to rebuild a healthier one. Or to perish. » — Ambre Caldero (translated from French)

This book gave me so much Harry Potter feels. I mean, everything is set to be this way: Golden Trio, a big menace, strange things and animal species. While writing this article I'm reading the 5th article of the series and let's just say that I try to enjoy it to the maximum!  Anyway, this book will make you think so much.... about our current society, and especially how insane and unhealthy it is.

So as you can see, those books made me think quite a lot. But that’s what books are here for, right?

What is the best book you’ve read in 2017 ? Share it with me in the comments !

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