You can’t always plan everything2 min read

08/03/2020 2 min read

You can’t always plan everything2 min read

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All my life I have been a perfectionist, an idealist. If there was a problem, I believed I could fix it. I mean life always seems easier on paper, right? But lately I’ve came to terms with the truth, with reality: life is messy and sometimes scary. Some days you will feel on top of your world and some other days, the mere fact of getting out of your bed will be a victory in itself. And, you know, both are okay, neither changes your worth. 

“One form of perseverance is the daily discipline of trying to do things better than we did yesterday.” — Angela Duckworth

Don’t try to control everything

Just like you wouldn’t want to monitor the thousands (millions?) of mechanisms that run simultaneously to make your car ride, you can’t expect to control everything in your own life. I believe you can only set a direction to live with your principles and your values, your personality. With small, atomic habits and most of all with faith in your dreams, you can achieve everything. 

But you also have to accept the process. No day in your life will be the same, some will be harder than others with no sensible reason or explanation. But we have to accept it and see what we can learn from it rather than always want to fight it. 

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Enjoy the challenge

Would you really enjoy the beauty and warmth of spring if it didn’t come after winter? 

I’m not perfect. I’m not the smartest, I’m not the strongest and oh, God knows I’m not the fastest. But it’s okay, there is no other life to live than the one I have. I want to rise to the challenge and be the best version of myself every day that I’m offered to live. But, I also want to enjoy life and each new challenge for what they are. See adversity or difficulty as an opportunity to learn and to strengthen rather than as a cul-de-sac. 

I will let you with my last question: if you were in a labyrinth, would you rather feel trapped or be ready to explore?

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