Don’t forget how to play4 min read

05/04/2020 3 min read

Don’t forget how to play4 min read

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It’s quite scary isn’t, to live? To have the weight of the world on your shoulder. One day you’re a kid, whose only job is to play and be nice, and suddenly the party is over: you’re an adult now and it’s time to behave, to stop acting like a child and to find something (hopefully good) to do for a living. But is it really the only option ? In my opinion, whatever you do in life, you should never forget how to play.

How to adult 101

One thing is certain, growing up sure does take the fun out of things. We get so knocked out by the weight of responsibilities (earning money, being responsible, doing taxes, laundry, dinner, etc), that we quite forget how to play. Suddenly it’s as if the kid you were a few years ago never existed. Naah, you must be better, act better… be an adult even if no one ever quite handed you the “how-to” manual for it.

A kid playing in the leaf reminding us not to forget how to play.
Don’t forget how to play, awake the child in you!

But I believe there is more than meets the eye. I believe growing up doesn’t have to be reduced to that. We can’t allow ourselves to forget how to play, to forget what it feels to be so passionate about something that you forget everything else. Knowing how to play is the best gift we have, it’s the key to access our holy creativity.

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3 ways to get back some of your kid’s spirit back and play

Call some friend to organize a game

What I like about sports is that… when you’re really into it, you forget about everything else. And there is something quite peculiar about playing a ball game (whichever one) with some friend, without any pressure to score or to have a good result. The only real goal is to get some steam out of your body and find the best way to humiliate your friends (or be the one to be humiliated 😂).

Someone who doesn't forget how to play in front of a chessboard.
Don’t forget how to play, call a friend and organize a game !

Spend a lazy Sunday

Whether you choose to let it happen or not, chances are it will happen anyway. At least in my situation. So I would rather do it consciously and enjoy every minute of it rather than feel guilty about it. Whether your have a thousand things to do or not, you can allow yourself a short breather, just a few moments to remind the kid inside you that you don’t forget him, that it deserves your time also. 

Don’t forget how to play and go on an adventure!

When I was a kid everything seemed like the greatest adventure. Even just going to the garden or doing the laundry or whatever: if it was something new, you’d find me in Aden ready to learn. Then everything stopped, curiosity faded and responsabilities became the norm: basically life became boooring. So my advice to you (and to myself) is to find some of that child kindle back. Either go on big adventures or travel or just… make them come to you, by changing the way you see all the little things you get to do everyday.

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If you want even more lifestyle tips and suggestions, every Sunday I send a new edition of my newsletter packed with tools, tips for creatives! 📨

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