Are Standing Desks worth it?4 min read

29/01/2020 3 min read

Are Standing Desks worth it?4 min read

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I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my productivity set up. Whether it’s an app, a tool, a method or a habit, I’ll be trying out new concepts until I can say if they have a positive impact on either my time management, my health, or both. For a bit more than a year now I’ve been curious about the ‘Standing Desk revolution’. Whether manual or motorized, I’ve seen countless persons praising their merits so I wanted to try out by myself! Here is a review of my first experiment with the Sit-Stand Desk Converter by Anthrodesk.

Disclaimer: A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Anthrodesk to try out their Manual Standing Desk Converter and leave an honest review. Here are all my thoughts about it!

Back and neck pain, will a Standing Desk help?

If you follow my adventures on the blog and on Social Media, you probably know that I left Paris to settle in beautiful Montréal as a Software Engineering Student. Who says software says programming, and who says code says sitting for hours staring at lines of code on my computer. As I am rather tall (as you can see on the pictures), sometimes I will suffer from lower-back and/or neck pain, especially when I’ve not been changing position for a long time. Not very compatible, is it? 😅

Beside going to the gym more often (who has been proved to help), I was rather excited to try out the adjustable standing desk that Anthrodesk sent me, who as the name suggests… would allow me to alternate between standing and sitting when you work. 

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Working while standing

As a first impression, it’s definitely… uncommon, to be working (writing this post in fact) while standing. But, if it’s adjusted properly, it’s actually quite confortable. I still feel some pain in my neck from when I was sitting earlier, but overall I feel my body less tense, more grounded in a way. I feel free-er with my movements, I can pace around, think, then come back without breaking the thread of my work/thought.

The desk converter itself is composed of three platforms made of wood, the lower one is the base, then you have the widest one in the middle for the keyboard and finally the last one on top where you can put your monitor, laptop or tablet. They are connected together with 4 metal bar and the end result is actually pretty nice, I like the finitions. 

➕ The pros

One of the advantages of the Standing Desk Converter is that it is mobile. It’s not a big and heavy thing that absolutely has to stay at one place no matter what. Once it was mounted, I could actually move it around the appartement, or even unmount it if I didn’t need it. That way I can work from my bed, without really working from my bed 😅 

➖ The cons

The biggest downside I see is that the top platform is a bit too small to fit whatever I want on it. I can put my both my tablet and my monitor on it but sadly my 15″ computer doesn’t fit. 

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend you to try out a sit-stand desk if you considered it in the past. It won’t make you work better or faster, but it will make sure that you have an option to be more comfortable when you do. 

If you’re interested in the product, here is where you can buy the Standing Desk converter by Anthrodesk.

To complement my setup, the brand also let me try out their Cable Management System and their entirely customizable desk lamp, rather practical to tidy up my cables and hide them from view and to keep having bright ideas 💡. Lastly, I would recommend trying out their Ergonomic Wobble Chair which has helped me a lot with my back pain.

Let’s chat

Now what about you: have you ever tried (or do you consider trying) a Sit-Stand Desk of any sort?

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