Monthly Wrap-Up, May 20185 min read

31/05/2018 4 min read

Monthly Wrap-Up, May 20185 min read

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After starting this new series of posts last month with, I am back for a new episode!  Quick yet so slow,  quite full but a bit empty, here is what I’ve been up to in May 2018 !

If last month was quite complicated for me as I write in my January to April Monthly Wrap-Up, going through demotivation and feelings of emptiness, I have to say that this month was worlds apart! Inspired, motivated and organized, I definitely feel like I kicked May’s ass!

May in a Nutshell 🐚

As quick as it was, I really enjoyed the month of May. Not only did amazing things happened to me in almost every areas of my life but, it is also the month I found my motivation back ! I could not explain to you where it came from, I just know that it came and, for as far as I’m writing this post, it still lasts. Here are a few amazing things I did this month :

  • I went to the rooftop of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris (amazing view, I’m definitely going back!)
  • I started eating well again and saving money (by eating less — almost none —junk food),
  • I had a tasty brunch at my house with friends,
  • Went to the concert of an artist from my home island I like with my family,
  • Started supporting Sidaction (a french non-profit developing AIDS programs around the world) with a monthly donation,
  • Finally booked my plane for this summer,
  • I got inspired and started acting (researching and organizing) on some projects…

… and many other things ! I really enjoyed going through this month and I hope the next one will be even better.

My favorites of the month 🌟

Here are all the pieces of content, whether books, movies, songs or articles I would suggest you this month :

Let’s talk about books 📚

Sadly, in May I was in a bit of a reading slump so I didn’t get that much reading done. I spent most of the month on a single book that … wasn’t even that long. Anyway, I hope next month will be better on that particular area!

As a result, this month, I only managed to read History is All You Me by Adam Silvera but I made progress is several other books I’m planning on finishing this week.

You can see all of the books I read and recommend on my Goodreads profile.

What about music? 🎶

If the complete playlist is way too long for me to share everything, here are some of the vibes I enjoyed listening to this month :

Plus, as usual, some very mainstream songs that I have listened to on repeat :

Strongest by Ina Wroldsen

Done for me by Charlie Puth (ft. Khelani)

If you want some other recommendations, here is my playlist for May 2018  🎶.

Movie Time 🎞

In addition to going back to watch Black Panther (read my review) and Avengers: Infinity War, this month, I watched :

If you are interested, I actually published a review of Deadpool 2 on the blog.

Here’s one of my anticipated movie releases of June ! I am so gonna be sitting in the theaters on June 6th, day of release (in France) of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You can already expect a review from me 😉

Next month, I am also particularly expecting these movies :

Articles i published this month 👨🏾‍💻

As opposed to last month, this month I’ve been pretty effective on the blog and published no less than 6 posts (if you count this one) ! Apart from my usual movie reviews, I tried new formats and topics for you. Hope you liked it!

My blogging goal for next month is to keep the posting steady with two posts each week (on Monday and Thursday). I would love for you to tell me which are your favorite topics 😉

Some intriguing Ideas 💡

I’m back at being an active reader on ! Medium, just like TED, is one of my favorite websites out there. I get to read very interesting and inspiring articles that end up improving my productivity and way of seeing the world. Here are some interesting pieces of content I connected with this month:

I have a lot of others just as much interesting, but I think it will be enough for today haha. If you don’t know Medium or TED yet, I highly suggest you to give them a try. Those are two platforms I would love to publish content on one day!

Let’s share the love 💛

LET’S Chat!

What about you?
How did May treat you? What is one thing you read / watched / listened to and loved this month? 

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  2. Marie

    I'm so glad you had a productive month! I hope that June will be just as great and filled with motivation and great things <3 I went to the top of the Montparnasse Tower as well a year ago... I think? Well, one of the last times I went to Paris, haha, and I really loved the view as well. And.... booking a plane? For this summer? I AM INTRIGUED YOU HAVE TO TELL ME MORE haha :P I hope you're having a fantastic June so far! <3

    • MathCrln

      The view from the top of the Montparnasse Tower is astounding! Hahahaha, I’m actually going back to the Island I was born and lived on for 17 years ... but this time with a very « touristic approach » haha! I don’t want to spoil you too much yet but that might mean some interesting things for the blog and my Social Médias 🙃🙃🙃 I hope you had a great June too! 💛

  3. Lara

    Have you watched Jurassic Park? and how was Truth or Dare? I love Shawn Mendes album also and are we reading HP this month?

    • MathCrln

      I am about to watch Jurassic Park tonight! Truth or Dare was okay, not great but okay. And next month for the Harry Potter Marathon? 🙌

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