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[This is a translation of my article published in French on April 26,  2017. You can read it here 🇫🇷]


At first I thought it didn’t exist or rather that I wasn’t affected by it.

Then, when I stopped denying it, I thought it was obviously present, obviously embarrassing, but controllable. That my body knew how to defend itself and cut it down when necessary.

I ended up realizing that stress is not – or is no longer – a foreign body. Stress became an internal part of my body. It melted into my cells like a virus, no longer allowing me to distinguish between before and after, stress or calm.

I realize how every moment, every day of my life makes me subject to stress.

So yes, sometimes it has positive effects. Perfectionist in nature, it often allows me to get good results, fast. It allows me to learn quickly. It allows me to give 200% of myself in most of the projects that I undertake. When they show up, it can even allow me to handle unmanageable situations so yes, in some ways it has advantages.

But, what’s the price ? 

The price is much bigger than you would expect.

It is obvious that I will not go into too personal details here, but what I can say from my experience is that one must be attentive to oneself and one’s organism.

I have, on too many occasions, received vain messages of prevention from my body. Messages that I heard, but systematically refused to listen. As if every day I drank water from a well that I considered bottomless.

And then one day, I had a burnout (But that’s another story for another day).

I take the time to talk about it here, not out of narcissism, but because I am convinced that many other people – if not all – are in the same situation as me. And, the best way to avoid the consequences is to know the symptoms.

So, if you’re like me and you do not need tea or coffee to keep you awake because stress is your drug, take care of yourself. Listen to your body. I will not tell you to review your ambitions because this is certainly not a choice I would make, but at least try to make time for yourself. Think about what makes you happy, situations that do not require stress, and makes you feel calm. If you find them, use them to restore your inner calm.

Let’s stop ‘getting through life’ and start living. Now. 

Take time for yourself.
Take time for yourself


All credits for the cover picture of this post go to Gabriele Diwald and David Mao on Unsplash.

What about you?

What about you guys, have you ever dealt with stress or anxiety?

    1. I loved your post so much and I needed this today. Coping with stress can be so hard every day, because either it prevents me from getting anything done or makes me more productive than usual, to the point that I forget to do basic things such as eating. I hate feeling like I've lost all control and that it's the only thing that drives me. Anyway, thank you for writing this post, it somehow makes it a bit easier when you know that you're not alone in this. :)

      • That's the thing about stress, it takes all control away from us. I think it's just like a drug : we are condemned to be productive only when it wants to and when it doesn't we feel empty or guilty for not getting anything done. I know both situations and I hate it SO much. It's like we don't belong to ourselves anymore. Anyway, I'm really glad this post could somehow help. In this fight against stress, guilt, anxiety and all the other evils of this world, I think it's important to know that we are not alone 😊💛

    2. I can FEEL this post so, so much. I deal with anxiety a whole lot and it's not easy all the time, but you are so right, it's important to take care of ourselves first, before anything else. I know I have such a hard time doing that haha, but I'm really trying. That was a great post, thank you for sharing your experience with this, I feel less alone <3

      • We do need to start taking more care of ourselves! It's good that you're trying 😊 I do too and, trust me... it's not easy all the time (or any time for that matter). But I believe we need keep trying, to keep hoping and moreover, to keep listening to ourselves in order to understand what make us feel happy and, not stressed. I'm really glad you liked this post, I feel less alone now too 😊💛

    3. stress, i hate it. like yes it makes you work faster and think, but if it’s too much i just crash. i can work under pressure but not to the extent where i can’t do anything. and so you’re right and what you’ve written is a beautiful prose.

      • Yeah stress such is a master of disguise! It makes you think that it is good for you because you work and think faster but it's only to precipitate your downfall. It's basically a drug. But we need to cut it down and start taking care of ourselves! Thank you so much Lara 💛

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