Bye 2019, thank you for everything.3 min read

29/12/2019 3 min read

Bye 2019, thank you for everything.3 min read

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Oh 2019, year of hardship and experiences, I don’t think I’ll forget you anytime soon. 

Hi readers, 

As we get nearer and nearer to the end of the year, I wanted to take a few minutes to think back on everything that happened to me in the last 12 months. Just like I mentioned in my previous post, I believe it is important to not only review but also thank the past year for what it brought us, what it taught us. It’s the best way to get ready for what will be coming next year. 

2019, a year of challenge

365 days later. Just like expected when the year started, 2019 was a year full of challenges for me. None was easy, some were more painful than others, but I don’t regret any of them. As Niezstche says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and, as I write these words to close the chapter of 2019, I can indeed say that I feel stronger and that I have grown as a person, in more than just one way. 

2019, the beginning of a quest

2019 was probably the year that felt the longest. Being challenged, feeling disillusioned, sometimes feeling lost or misunderstood, I’ve not missed one step of this spectrum. Yet I don’t regret even a second of it. It is through experiences that we learn and 2019 will stick with me as the year I started the journey toward finding myself.

This year marked the beginning of a quest in my life. My own quest to find myself and stop living as a mirror to other people’s desires. 2019 was the year I decided to stop being someone else but rather find my way back to myself. It is not an easy quest and it is certainly not a quest many will understand, but it is one that I am now willing to take. 

2019, a year of opportunity

Berlin, Deauville, Montréal and now New York: it seems that I have travelled quite a lot this year! Travel are the experiences that teach us the most and this year I’ve learned to seize more opportunities to go abroad: to let go of my fears, my doubts, think less about money or time : just choose to book a ticket and enjoy! And I don’t regret any of it. I hope to make 2020 even better!

Speaking of going abroad, 2019 is the year I finally decided to live my dream. From an island in the Atlantic Ocean, to the great city of Paris, your boy is now living in Montréal, Canada! It had been my goal to go and study abroad for years and now I’m happy and proud to be a student of Polytechnique Montréal

As I am now writing these last few words before closing the book, 2019, I want to say thank you. Yes you weren’t easy, yes you brought a lot of pain, but you made me grow. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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