2018, a year of change4 min read

11/01/2018 4 min read

2018, a year of change4 min read

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2018 is here. I can’t even understand how fast 2017 has passed. Yesterday I was telling you about my resolutions for the new year and it seems to be that time of the year again. But before thinking of what I want to achieve in 2018, I want to tell you about what happened in 2017.

2017, a year of experiences

A year of Culture 🎶🎞📚

2017 is the year I finally opened my ears to music. Discovering a lot and a lot of new artists, new musical genres, doing festivals for the first time and seeing the most live performances that any other year in my life. ODESZA, Lorde, Petit-Biscuit, Neck Deep or Ella Mai, just to quote some of them. I particularly want to thank my friend Marie (if you read this article 👋😘) for being patient and pedagogical while introducing me to new genres and groups.

2017 is also the year I opened my eyes and mind to Cinema. Getting a unlimited cinema card is probably one of the best decisions I’ve taken as of now. It has given me the opportunity to start building some knowledge around the 7th Art. And don’t believe seeing more than 40 movies in 6 months is nearly enough : the more you eat, the hungrier you are. Classics, groundbreaking movies, actors, realisators : I want to watch them all and to know everything.

Obviously as a my first hobby, reading has also been been a great part of this year. If I read a bit less than in 2016, I think I read more consistently. Most of all, I opened myself to new books, new genres and even new communities. I finally understood that reading is not my weakness and that I should try to hide but that it was my strength and I should fight with/for it.

A Year of Discoveries

Traveling around the world

I just discovered so much things this year. I’ve been to Toulon twice, Lyon, Marseille, Saint Amant des Cots, Martinique twice, London. Just wow. But, those journey away from my daily routine didn’t just make me see pretty landscapes and bring back good pictures: they made me understand what traveling means to me.

Self Instropection

On the personal / school / work area it has been an interesting year too. I made great encounters or get close to some people just like. I also made mistakes and got disappointed by some other people. But I thank them anyway because it has taught me how to learn from my mistakes and most importantly: how to let go.

I also learned a lot about myself, my personality, my emotions and the way I work. Some knowledge I definitely intend to use to actively change in 2018.

2018, a year of change

If 2017 was good, I want to make 2018 great.


In 2018, I want to simplify.

I’m done letting my stress define me. So, from the way I’m taking decisions to my relationships with people or my projects, I will start simplifying everything. Get rid of what doesn’t have value so I can give more importance to the things that do. Basically I want to build a life-system well-oiled, so it can run smoothly and be less noisy.

Keep on creating

Probably the most important of my resolutions. In the next twelve months I want to keep on creating content and even find new ways to do it. That obviously includes the blog, my social media and maybe some other projects 🙄😏. Improvement is the main idea here since I don’t just want to produce more content in quantity but also in quality.

Make more and more experiences

Considering how my 2017 year has passed, it’s probably pointless to say that I want to make even more experiences. Whether it’s in the cultural department (read more, watch even more movies, discover more songs) or the travel area (travel more alone, be more forthcoming when abroad) or just experiencing more things with me, my mind and my body.

Before closing this whole “transition chapter” I want to say one thing. I accept it. I accept that Rome wasn’t built in one day and that good things take time. So, in order to progress but not to burn out I will take things, one at a time. Each step after the other, just making sure that I don’t stop.

What about you, what is one of ur resolutions for the New Year?
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