Looking back on 20206 min read

29/12/2020 4 min read

Looking back on 20206 min read

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“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” — Robert H. Schuller

Can you believe it? We made it to the end of the year, at last. Between surprises, disappointments, sadness, joy… and a thousand more emotions, if there is something we can agree on, it’s that we definitely prefer 2020 in our rearview mirror. Yet, this last year is not all to throw away, is it? As a year out of time, a year like no other, 2020 was also, and mostly, for me a year of experiments, of change, of learning and evolution.

I always like to review/compare my original goals, my ideas and the person that I was at the beginning of the year to the one I became. So, before happily diving into new projects in 2021, here is what I have been up to in 2020.

2020, a year of experiments

“In 2020, I want to stop waiting around for time and inspiration to strike. I want to try, to experiment, maybe fail but not being afraid to try again.” 

These were my words on January 05th and, I’m happy to say that I actually delivered. I took on opportunities as they came and I stayed creative throughout the year.

  • I visited New York at the beginning of the year. Considering how the world got upside down right after, I think I did well not to postpone 😅
  • I created and shared consistent content throughout the first part of the year :
  • Became a member of the Notion Ambassadors
  • I launched my first Notion Template as part of the #notionadvent calendar (made for you by the amazing Notion Ambassadors), I’ll be publishing even more templates soon.
  • Created content and value as a freelance writer, designer and webmaster for my clients.
  • Published a new and refreshed version of the blog.

I am also currently working on other projects that I will love to share with you, hopefully very soon!

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2020, a year of learning

2020 was also a year prone to learning, in more than just one way. Whether at University, at home or inside myself, I learned more than I have learned in many years.

At University, as expected, I started learning actively about Software Engineering and what the job means (including its responsibilities), I also reinforced my knowledge about languages like C++, Assembly, Make, or paradigms like Object Oriented Programming, which, in turn allowed me to understand other concepts better on my own.

At home, I learned quite a lot also. Although I might have read less than the last few years, I feel like I read more thoroughly; I actively took notes and wrote some posts about the books I read. Instead of diving into new books and concepts, I chose to re-read some books which I knew would have a strong impact on my life. I’m rather confident about the books I read this year, and I look forward to enjoying reading even more next year.

Finally, inside myself, I also learned a lot, about who I am, what I want and what I’m able to do. By being full of challenges and hardship, 2020 allowed me to begin finding myself again, and open by my heart and spirit to love, to meaning, to change and to a world full of wonders.

2020, a year of change

In sum, for me like, for 99.9% of the world’s population, 2020 was not an easy year. But in many ways, it forced us to realize what really matters and to cherish it. As happy as I am to finally say goodbye to 2020 (will 2021 really be better?), I also want to thank this year for being such a catalyst to change.

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