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What is it all for?3 min read

29/11/2018 2 min read

What is it all for?3 min read

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A few days ago, while talking with a friend, I was reminded of an important question I haven’t asked myself in a while. I was in the gutter because I hadn’t been writing and posting in a while and it was making me feel sad. But out of the blue, he randomly asked me that key question: « why do you you write? Is this really what you want to do? ». Here is the answer I should have given him.

I write because…

I write because I love writing. Just like when I read, I admire the unknown power of words, the meanings and the connotation they convey with them.

I write because I want to exercise my creativity. Even if it’s more often frustrating than anything else, I write because I enjoy the feeling of creating, of making something great out of a simple idea, out of nothing.

I write because I want to share from what I learn and discover. I am very curious and I dedicate my life to learning, so I want an outlet, somewhere I can pour all of my ideas and discoveries so that it can serve other people.

I write because it’s what I know how to do best, even if I often forget it.

Define your « whys »

Out of every questions, I think the most important you should be asking yourself before starting off your new adventure is « Why? ». Why are you doing this? What is in it for you, in the end?

In our fast and connected world it is easy to get caught up in activities we don’t like doing. We hustle, we share everything and we burn ourselves out to keep up with other’s expectations. But, in the end, who is it all for?

Defining your « whys » is the only thing that will save you when everything will seem lost and you will be on the verge of giving up. If you know why you are doing something, then nothing will ever stop you.

Some ressources about Creating and Prioritising

If you enjoyed this post and want to dive more into the subject of creating and prioritising to live a more intentional and fulfilled life then, this is what you should read or watch next:

  • [Video]: in his YouTube Video “What is it All For ?“, Matt D’Avella explain why we need to look at the “big picture”.
  • [Book]: in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen Covey puts the emphasis on the importance to clearly define what you want to do and write your “Personal Mission Statement”, a brief text of your making defining what you want to give your priority to and your reason to. Although I plan to talk about it further on the blog, I highly suggest you to give it a read!
  • [Article]: in my recent post “What are you working on“, I explain why it is important to clearly define what is important to you and make it a priority and … why I am failing most of the time.

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