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Creating Content

How to avoid creative block


The writer’s block, or as they call it in French “le syndrome de la page blanche”, this horrible moment when you stare at the black cursor of your mouse blinking on the empty document you intended to fill. In this post I’ll dive in ways to get out of it when it happens.

Creating Content

Where and how to start blogging #2


It’s finally time to start and to get your hands on your first blog. But… there are so many possibilities. Where to start and what to do? Although everything seems rather overwhelming at first, don’t worry. In this post, I’ll share with you some ways to start your blogging journey today.

Creating Content

What is it all for?


A few days ago, while talking with a friend, I was reminded of an important question I haven’t asked myself in a while. I was in the gutter because I hadn’t been writing and posting in a while and it was making me feel …