June 2022 - Slow and steady

Would 1% more self confidence dramatically change my life?

Summer 2022 is around the corner and half of the year is already behind us. It's been quite a while since I wrote on the blog, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get back on track and reflect on the past month.

Disclaimer: I plan on starting these monthly reports, as I way to track the progress I make on my goals as well as my mindset and discoveries as time will pass. The goal is to make them as short and templatized as possible so that I never get lazy enough to not do it :).

🐚 What happened in June 2022

June ended up being a keystone month for my development. Completing my first complete month as an intern at the Montréal Heart Institute: it helped me get slightly closer to financial stability and made me realize how my skills as a Software Developer could be applied to the real world.

On the other hand, June is also the month I decided to double down on learning and made decisions that put out of my comfort zone. I realized how much my fears and my lack of confidence impede my progress and I intend to change my approach. While I still have a couple month before the end of the summer, I wonder: could improving my self confidence, even by 1%, dramatically change my life?


  • I completed my first full month of internship at Montréal Heart Institute,
  • I signed a new contract for freelance work,
  • I decided to aim for the Amazon Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • I learned how to implement a basic CRUD with Next.js, Prisma and Next API Decorators

🎯 New interests

Here are some of the things that picked my interest this month. I might currently explore some of them right now or keep them for later, but they definitely attracted my attention.

Currently exploring

Cloud Computing

I decided to face my fears and to actively learn about Cloud Computing! What is it made of, who uses it and mostly how can I leverage it to make an impact? While I have no particular preference between the main cloud providers, I decided to dive all in with Amazon Web Services. Being both the pioneer and current leader of the field, I assumed it would be easier to find resources online for it allowing me to learn fast, while considering that the main concepts and learnings might be easily transferrable to other providers.

I bought Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and made it my goal to obtain the certification before the end of the year.

Agile Methodology

I've always been interested by the Agile Methodology and other methodologies that can help develop a strong synergy in teams. As a consequence, this month, I've been exploring it with videos, mostly by Atlassian about the general approaches, ceremonies, artefacts, etc.


Mostly did research on the various regulations regarding freelancers in Canada. Right now, I'm exploring tools that can make my life as effortless as possible (for accounting, invoicing, etc.)

Health & Sports

I finished the winter/spring session of Volleyball at my gym and I am currently trying to include more and more physical activities into my daily/weekly routines. While I'm still young and somewhat fit, there is no guarantee that I will be in the future.

So, these days, I'm exploring various possibilities to make my life a bit more active. As of now, I'm planning to either buy a bicycle, start running again everyday or do both! I'll keep you updated on that next month.

Other interests I will explore later

  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Microservices

🐒 Miscellaneous

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