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Ready Player One: an escape from reality?4 min read

19/05/2018 4 min read

Ready Player One: an escape from reality?4 min read

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Would you escape reality if you were given the chance? I mean, we all know that reality often sucks. People, responsibilities, stress, is there really something in this world we shouldn’t avoid? In a particularly entertaining and immersive way, the new movie by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One, makes us rethink about our approach on reality, virtuality and, in a way, loyalty.

I absolutely loved it!
I absolutely loved it!


When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. [Source: IMDB]

The plot: online vs offline?

On The Oasis no pre-made injustice, no priviledge. Everyone gets to have the chances he deserves to be successful, to be loved, to be creative, to be — anything they want.

As a breakaway from reality available for everyone, The Oasis have quickly became the only place where humans want to live. But is it really living? Here are some of the interrogations we will come across on our quest for the Easter Egg with Wade.


Beautiful. Yes it was. I’m not usually amazed by movies like this one. Trying to mix virtual and real worlds tends to end up too ambitious and, as a result, badly done. But Ready Player One is a success, at least on this aspect. Obviously it could have been done way better but with this very aesthetic and realistic world, Steven Spielberg achieved the end goal: he made us believe.

Easter Eggs on Easter Eggs on Easter Eggs

So this is the most interesting part of the movie: the Easter Eggs. It is filled with it. Back to the Future, Chucky, The Lining, King Kong … so many pop culture references. I’m not even sure if watching the movie ten times would allow you to catch’em all.
So in conclusion we have a movie release during Easter time, filled with Easter Eggs that portrays a character on a quest for an Easter Egg? If that isn’t a Easter Egg itself I don’t know.

Anyway, that is one more reason why I think you’ll love this movie: its attention for details.

The movie was not flawless. It’s easy to spot incoherences or little flaws here and there, but it still deserves my 5/5 stars review.

As fellow book readers and movie watchers, I think you will understand what I felt: when you suddenly feel so immersed in a universe that you can’t differentiate what is real and what is not. The adventures of the characters are yours and the end feels like a knife thrown at your heart. Here is what I felt. Add to that the 3D Glasses I had on and you’ll understand me 😂

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — 5 out of 5 stars

Wonder why I decided to give a 5/5 stars review to Ready Player One ? Here’s how I would rate each aspect of the movie :

  • Acting : 1/1⭐️ (Really well played, by all the actors)
  • Writing : 1/1⭐️ (I liked every bit of it, whether the references or the morals behind)
  • Production Design : 1/1⭐️ (Probably the greatest part, it was very beautiful and realistic)
  • Directing : 1/1⭐️ (Does Steven Spielberg still need to prove how great of a director he is?)
  • Sound/Music : 1/1⭐️ (Beautiful and perfectly fit for the movie)

Here are all the reasons why, in my opinion, Ready Player One deserves a 5 out of 5 stars review.  I have nothing more to add. It was great and you should watch it.

I absolutely loved it!
I absolutely loved it!

Should you watch it?

HELL YES!  I think you will love Ready Player One if:

  • You like dystopian, yet very realistic universes,
  • You like adventure,
  • You like video games,
  • You like great references in movies,
  • You like Spielberg’s movies and universe,
  • You are looking for a good and entertaining movie to watch.

Honestly, for once I think that this movie could please to most — if not all — audiences. It’s aesthetically beautiful, the story behind it is equally good and I don’t think you need more arguments than that: walk, run, swim, fly if you have to but go watch that movie NOW!

Let’s chat!

Have you watched Ready Player One yet? If not, are you planning to watch it?
Do you have complex feeling about it like I do?
I would love to have your opinion in the comments!

  1. Lara

    Really 5 stars! No way it's 3.5 stars, I believe Deadpool 2 is even much more intriguing and enteratining. I know you're calling me a hater. It was entertaining but pretty much predictable.

    • MathCrln

      Yup 5 Stars 🤷🏾‍♂️ Hater 😝 As I explained in the article I gave it 5 starts because it deserved it. It was immersive, the plot was interesting if not as intriguing as you would like haha and the visuals were quite good too :)

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