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Hi, I’m Mathieu Céraline

I don’t know how to properly introduce myself but I guess I should just get into it.

Parisian Student, Blogger and passionate about … pretty much everything.

My name is Mathieu and I was born twenty-something years ago in the French West Indies Island of Martinique. I’m now living and studying in Paris.

As you will probably find out quickly enough on this blog, I have quite a lot of passions. Know-it-all by nature, I  want to know everything there’s to know. I never stop working on my projects and I especially never stop learning.

Why a blog ?

This blog is my little corner of the world where I get to say whatever I want, however I want. This is the platform where I will share my discoveries, my observations and my feelings about the world.

Gluten free ? I want it to be as authentic and unfiltered as possible. I want it to be a safe place, as much for me as for you : somewhere on the web where I feel safe spilling my heart out and you feel safe doing the same. Before we actually get to know each other, rest assured of one thing : I won’t ever judge you. If you need it, you can definitely reach out and, I’ll be there to listen to your stories, either when you comment on a post or when you send me a private message.

What to expect on this blog ?

I love books. I love reading and I like pretty much anything that is even nearly connected to literature and culture. So on this blog you might expect a lot of book reviews, TBR Lists, book recommendations, methods to read more, etc.

Movie Reviews. Like Litterature, Cinema is a huge part of my life. I want to build a real knowledge around it and to share it with you. So, get ready for movie reviews and many other articles about the 7th Art !

Travel. I want to go everywhere and discover everything. If I could I would learn every languages and continually be on the road (or in the air). But as life isn’t that simple, I like to share the few experiences I have with you. Warning : Gorgeous landscapes ahead!

Music, Lifestyle, Journal. Basically this blog is my own little online diary where I consign everything I consider worthwhile. So get ready for my opinion on music albums (in pretty much every musical genre), my experiences, my opinion on news, society… Well I think you got what I mean.

Everything. One of the core aspects of this blog is that I built it to be free and to not limit myself. I love to discover new stuffs and to share them, no matter the classification.

Let’s get to know each other !

Okay. So, now that I introduced myself, it’s your turn ! In the comments just below, tell me who you are, where you come from and what makes you wake up with a smile in the morning 🙌

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